Marcelo Esquivel


Research lines
• Clean energies integrated research lines design. Synthesis, characterization and application of integrated systems to production, storage and fluids supply to clean energies production systems. Hydrogen thermal compression – Hydrogen purification.
• Crystallography and X-ray diffraction: Structures determination. Cualitative and cuantitative analysis using Rietveld method.
• Gas-solid heterogeneous cinetic and applications.

•  CONICET Research Career Member since 2006. Current position: Independent Invesitgator
• National Atomic Energy Comission (CNEA) member researcher. Principal B-TNG 3.1.0
• Teacher at Centro Regional Universitario Bariloche de la Universidad Nacional del Comahue since 2004. Current position: Adjunct Professor (ASD-3 E/C).

• PhD Engineering Sciences– Instituto Balseiro, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (2003)
• Chemical Engineer – Universidad Nacional del Comahue (1995)

Selected publications
• M.F. Giordana, M.R.Esquivel, E. Zelaya, A detailed study of phase evolution in Cu-16at.%Al and Cu-30 at.% Al alloys under different types of mechanical alloying processes, Avd. Powd. Techn., 26, 470-477, (2015).
• S.A. Obregón, M.R.Esquivel, Scheme of thermal compression of hydrogen (TCH) using MmNi4.25Al0.75 recovered con ethyl alcohol and handled under non protective atmospheres, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, (2014), 39, 16, 8577-8571.
• S. A. Obregón, J.J. Andrade Gamboa, M.R.Esquivel, Synthesis of Al-containing MmNi5 by mechanical alloying: milling stages, structure parameters and thermal annealing, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, (2012),37,14972-14977.
• N.M.Cerón-Hurtado, M.R. Esquivel,  Characterization of LaNi4.70Al0.30  handled in air and application to a scheme of  thermal compression of hydrogen, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, (2012), 37, 10376-10379.
• M.R.Esquivel, Characterization of materials obtained by an innovative integrated synthesis method aimed to the hydrogen technology. En el libro: X-ray Diffraction: Structure, Principles and Applications, Editor K. Shih. Nova Publishers,  Cap. 8, (2013), p 183-206.


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