The scientific research carried out by the DCM members can be classified in the three following areas:

Materials for energy

Superconducting materials

Compound materials

The limits between these aren´t rigid, and the DCM members usually contribute in more than one. In all of them the research involves interdisciplinary work with members of other groups from CAB and external groups, the participation in congresses, seminars, meetings and other colaboration activities.

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Materials for energy

This research line is the one that aglomerates the biggest number of DCM members. It involves the synthesis and characterization of new ceramic materials for solid oxide fuel cells (Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - SOFC) and electrolyzers (Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cells – SOEC). Using this trend as a main theme, new materials are sought, high temperature fundamental properties are studied, similar-to-operation conditions behaviour is studied and an integrated analysis is made with the aim of advancing in the understanding of mechanisms which would allow to increase these devices performance, extending their life cycle.

The investigation sub topics are:

• New nanostructured materials synthesis

• Basic information gathering through correlation of the microstructural and electrochemical properties of the materials.

• Electrode/electrolyte interphase study and degradation mechanisms identification using FIB-TEM.

Adriana Serquis
Marcelo Esquivel
Corina Chanquía
Liliana Mogni
Federico Napolitano
Alejandra Monenegro
Laura Baqué
Mauricio Arce

Juan Basbus
Julián Ascolani Yael
Mariano Santaya

Sofía Cuello


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Superconducting materials

Research and development of MgB2 based wires and tapes for superconducting magnets fabrication. The effects of the addition of carbon nanotubes, SiC nanoparticles and the realization of different thermomechanical treatments, in order to improve the wires properties, are studied.                                             The production of controlled magnetic fields is sought for their application in electromagnets.

Adriana Serquis

Mauro Melone


Compound materials

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Carlos González Oliver
Marcelo Esquivel

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